Check Cashers Get New Respect

Lakeisha Williams has a bank account. That doesn't mean she always uses it. The home health aide from West Harlem sometimes can't wait the few days it takes for her paycheck to clear. So she sacrifices about $20 to a check casher and gets her money immediately. "I ain't got no problem with check cashers," Williams says.Check-cashing stores have for years been easy targets for advocates of economic justice, who have argued that the industry provides an expensive service and takes advantage of people who can ill afford it.

One of the children preparing to visit Albion prison prepares a card for her mother.

Mother's Day For Inmate 09G0379: The Waiting

Almost three quarters of the 2,422 women in New York state prisons are mothers. In part 1 of a three-part series, we follow one group of children as they travel nearly 400 miles to meet their moms on the inside.

The lottery pitched in $2.54 billion for education funding in 2009, or 12 percent of all state aid delivered to local school districts.

Lottery Opponents Want Warnings

The lottery is more important than ever to state finances. But counselors and a lawmaker want more done to protect those who don't have "a little bit of luck."