Computer science teacher Peter Lamphere says he received a U-rating after challenging an administrator over school policy.

Q&A With An 'Unsatisfactory' Teacher

In the debate over budget cuts, teacher layoffs and improving schools, much has been said about teachers who get “unsatisfactory” ratings. But little has been heard from those instructors.

An inmate looks out from Bayview Correctional Facility in Manhattan. In New York's prisons, there is a tension between the rights of inmates -- for whom prison is an involuntary home -- and the rights of guards, whom it is a workplace.

Altering A Prison's Sexual Chemistry

For at least 35 years, New York State legal advocates, prison officials and unions have wrestled over how to protect female inmates from sexual abuse when male officers guard them.

The Bayview Correctional Facility, a medium security

Love In A Time Of Incarceration

In 1999, an officer and an inmate at Manhattan's Bayview Correctional Facility fell in love and started having sex, with consequences that reverberate today.