Workers near the former Wolff-Alport chemical factory near the Brooklyn-Queens border. A series of studies have found varying degrees of radioactive contamination. Whatever the risk, employees we spoke to on or near the site were mostly unaware of the site's history.

A Tale of Two Brownfields

Even as a city program for cleaning up contaminated sites shows promise, two tainted areas in Brooklyn reflect different challenges that remediation can face – like pricetags and politics.

Pierre Joseph making one of several delivery stops in Manhattan. Attempts to lessen trucks' outsized impact on traffic and pollution, like scheduling deliveries at night, would require changes in how receiving businesses and consumers operate.

Truck Policies Face Rocky Road

New parking rules? Night deliveries? Congestion pricing? There are plenty of ideas for how to reduce the impact of trucks on city life. The trouble is finding one that works for truckers, businesses and consumers.

Pierre Joseph, a driver for a food wholesaler, pilots one of the vehicles that carries 82,000 tons of truck traffic into Manhattan on an average day.

Traffic, Pollution, Accidents: Are Trucks to Blame?

Whether we're breathing their exhaust or stuck behind one on an exit ramp, most New Yorkers hate trucks. But their complex impact on urban ills—and their key role in the city's economy—have thwarted efforts to limit the damage.