Above, a check-cashing outlet in Red Hook. Supporters and opponents of a proposal to permit short-term lending by outlets like this one agree on one thing: Unable to access traditional sources of capital, low-income people are using high-interest loans available on the Internet. The disagreement is over how to address that problem.

Albany Bill Would Let Check-Cashers Provide Loans

The Senate and Assembly banking committees have both approved a bill to permit check-cashing outlets to provide short-term loans. Backers say it offers financing to those whom regular banks don't serve. Critics say it would permit exploitative “payday” lending.

A new report finds that 37 percent of immigrants live in rent-regulated housing, compared to 28 percent of second generation residents and 33 percent of the third generation.

Immigrants On Front Lines Of Housing Fight

First-generation New Yorkers are more likely to reside in rent-regulated housing than the rest of us. So as Albany weighs weakening or strengthening rent rules, some immigrants are raising their voices.

The fate of 6,000 teaching positions isn't the only thing caught in the budget beef between Mayor Bloomberg and Gov. Cuomo. So is a program that helps homeless families move out of shelters to private apartments. The initiative is not beloved by homeless advocates and other Bloomberg critics, but many say it is better than nothing.

Critics Of Homeless Program Fight To Save It

Advocates for the homeless have long criticized the Bloomberg administration's approach to getting people out of shelters. But with the state threatening to end funding for the program, most advocates have joined the city to oppose the cuts.