Video: Wayne Barrett’s Donald Trump Impersonation …. and More!

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Adi Talwar

Barrett makes America a little greater (or not) with his Donald Trump impersonation.

The evening of September 26, 2016 was a busy one. Monday Night Football was on. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton faced off in their first debate. And City Limits celebrated its 40th anniversary. We’ve previously posted the text of Wayne Barrett’s keynote address, but below you can watch the video of Barrett’s talk after receiving the 2016 City Limits Urban Journalism Award (preceded by his introduction by CUNY Graduate School of Journalism investigative journalist in residence Tom Robbins). Also here: Councilwoman Julissa Ferreras-Copeland introduces DC37 executive director Henry Garrido, who then accepts the 2016 Civic Champion Award, and City Limits’ board chairman Mark Edmiston and yours truly discuss the organization’s identity and history.

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