How the De Blasio Rezonings Look from the Bronx

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Host Gary Axelbank (left) talks with Riverdale Press editor Shant Shahrigian (right) and a man wearing a tie.

Bronx television icon Gary Axelbank had Riverdale Press editor Shant Shahrigian and your correspondent as guests on his new reporters’ roundtable show, Bronx Buzz, last week to talk about the City Council votes on Mandatory Inclusionary Housing and Zoning for Quality and Affordability and what they might mean for the Bronx.

Covering as he does a neighborhood that has nursing homes and senior facilities aplenty, and is represented by one of the few councilmembers to vote no on either of the mayor’s citywide zoning proposals, Shahrigian had an interesting take on what the impact of the new rules might be.

I had a more sanguine take, but that wouldn’t have been surprising to some of my un-fans.

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